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Trying to do too much…

I just got back from a quick trip to the city where I handed over my daughter's passport at the Swiss Embassy so they could place a travel visa in it.

The consulate is only open very limited hours in the summer so I was racing through heavy Friday morning big city traffic to try to get there on time.

I made it with about fifteen minutes to spare.

I raced in, ran out and was thrilled that I got back to my van before the very expensive and again, very limited parking time ran out on the meter.

Then, as I was driving home, I realized that I never really looked at the passport before I handed it over at the embassy.

I think it was my oldest daughter's passport.

But, it could have been mine or her sisters or her brothers too – they all look the same on the outside.

Ah, well.

Someone in my family is going to get a visa to travel in Switzerland this fall.

Let's just hope it's the one we booked the flight for.



3 thoughts on “Trying to do too much…

  1. Not sure about Canadian, but I hear of lots of people that oetysearvd there visa and had to pay a small fee upon exit. There are some that have been here for years. Supposedly you can go into the airport and renew it, but i dont believe the penalties are so much more than that per month anyways. -25


  2. be careful with the visa for erpuoean countries that are long as your staying, with this volcano ash cloud you risk to be “trapped” in europe for some more days of what you thought …cheers,dat


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