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It’s starting to feel like summer…

Happy Summer!

Happy Canada Day!

Yes, I know it was yesterday. I'm behind. So, what else is new?

It's been a busy few weeks, we finally got up north and got the cottage sorted out.

The big writing project with no deadline, but just the airy, 'just as soon as you can', promise is almost done.

The gardens could still use some work though and the garage doors need paint.

But, I'm seeing the light…

The kids are all home too. The oldest has a real job and is out the door for the next two months from nine to five. The younger two kids are home and aren't even driving me crazy – yet.

It must be summer.

Pass the bug spray.

Oh, and please, let me know if I'm EVER going to get the chance to relax…


3 thoughts on “It’s starting to feel like summer…

  1. Dear Mindy,I just finished reandig your book To Wish Or Not To Wish and it was amazing! I had to pick a book for my culminating assignment for english class and when I stumbled upon your book I couldn’t stop reandig it! Anyways there were just a few questions I was hoping you could answer for me because I couldn’t find the information when I was looking around I hope you don’t mind 1.What year were you born?2.What is your nationality3.Whatr are the themes of the story? (I picked out the relationship factor, that she has with Teel, Timothy, and Amy and the responsibility that Erin has to learn to take for herself through the Master Plan but I need one more )I know you probably have a busy schedule but hopefully you will soon be able to squeeze in a quick email response to meThank you for your time and I hope I will get the chance to read your other stories Sincerely,Katarina


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