7 thoughts on “This sums up my day….

  1. Google analytics is by far the best hands down. My only ceconrn with Google analytics is how they use the data gathered. Will it affect my site that has a high bounce rate? In the strategy I use to generate income, my sites typically have a very high bounce rate but I rely nearly 100% on search engine traffic. The pages I have go to the top fast, but if I were to put analytics on them, would they be pulled down? that is what I am currently testing. Till I make sure this isn’t the case, aw stats is working fine.


  2. The webhosting siervce that i use provide CpanelX for managing the website domain and ETC. It’s located in the same group like monitoring bandwidth usage and statistic. It’s quite detailed compare to c.counter since c.counter only provide 500 free logs and oh the Awstats also differentiate from bot, newcomer and returning visitor. maybe you could contact your web hosting provider about it.


  3. Some of them only count the same ipaddress so many times per altetlod timeframe. Google is probably the most accurate in that it doens’t count (most) bots, and only counts the same ipaddress every so often.


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