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I’m going back to bed…

This morning at breakfast I grabbed the orange juice jug and poured it on my Cheerios instead of milk. 

I then pulled out of the garage and nicked the corner of my van bumper. Now my white garage door corner is blue and my blue bumper has a white dent.

I went to the store and tried to return something but I couldn't find the receipt. Until I got home, then I found the receipt nicely folded in the side pocket of my purse.

I bought my son his school summer reading novel today at lunch and he just showed me that it's printed upside down. Thank goodness he thinks this is kinda cool.

My youngest just showed me the finger she slammed in the door and we have no ice. I hate it when my family empties out the ice cube trays and doesn't refill them. 

And finally, my daughter's math tutor has a migraine and has cancelled my daughter's session for today. And yes, her math exam is tomorrow. I will be helping with Grade 11 math tonight. This will probably not go well.

So, here I am, thinking to myself that no one is in the hospital and that I am loved so the rest of this little stuff really doesn't matter all that much.




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