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Need a summer read?

Are you looking for a book to read this summer?

I've got a beach book for you - The First Husband by Laura Dave.

I call it a beach book because it's an entertaining and light read.

I'm not usually a light book reader. I am the one who decided to read Anna Karenina out loud to my oldest daughter when she was an infant. At two months old, she didn't get it but it kept me amused while I was nursing.

Since then I've learned that, when you're a busy adult, you often can't read something that's that intense but you often need a book that can be gulped down whenever you get a few free minutes to yourself.

In my opinion this is that kinda book – a beach book.

The story is centered on Annie, who is floating along in a relationship when she is suddenly dumped by her live-in boyfriend. She is shattered for a time but then meets up with a new beau who sweeps her off her feet and changes her life.  

I must admit I wasn't all that thrilled when the heroine decided to give up everything for love. 

But some days?

I'd chuck everything just to be swept off my feet too.

Or just to have someone offer to sweep under my feet.


Interested in learning more about this book? We're talking about it here.


Oh, and here's the small print – I was compensated for this BlogHer Book Club review but all opinions expressed are my own.

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