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I want off…

I think I'm getting old.

I think this because things are changing around me faster than I can keep up.

I have an original iPhone and I've torn the case. Do you think I can find a new case for the original iPhone anywhere? Nope, they do not exist anymore.

I play Scrabble with two friends on-line and Facebook has recently uploaded a new and improved game. Now? I have no idea how to play. 

I bought a new lens for my camera and yesterday when I was trying to take pictures they were all turning out fugly. After three tries? I put my old lens back on.

Our tabby keeps throwing up his new and improved cat food.

The dog keeps managing to slip out of her new collar.

My husband is complaining that his new undershirts aren't as comfortable as the old ones I used to buy – same brand.

Yes, we’re both getting old and grumpy.

But, I don't like all this new stuff making my life more complicated.

Just slow down on all the darn innovations, won't you?


At least until I can find a few free minutes to catch up.



6 thoughts on “I want off…

  1. I HATE when I can’t buy a needed accessory for a piece of technology because my piece of technology isn’t the latest model. What is that all about?
    Totally understand how you are feeling….


  2. Hey Randa,GREAT post!I second the mtoion for GA + pMetrics, side-by-side. As a new user/lover of pMetrics for little over a week I have to say I’m highly leaning on pMetrics if I had to pick one.I like its interface better, find the stats better *much quicker* than GA’s, and well can’t write them all up.But, GA is the big-picture, and pMetrics is for each visitor.Quick question, though:Wouldn’t you consider AwStats within ones’ webhost a free website analytics program ? I’m addicted to mine


  3. Your site is really amazing and I loved the theme. Just thought would let you know that I have subscribed to your rss feed. Also on a couple of pages I also encountered a 404 not found and after refreshing a couple of times was able to view the pages. Thank you


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