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You're going to know how this story ends before I finish, but I'm going to share it anyway.

My youngest daughter and I were at the mall last Sunday trying to update her summer wardrobe. She had lots of shorts handed down from her older sister that fit, but most of the t-shirts were worn or stained so we decided to go out and get her some new ones.

My daughter's favourite tween store had shelves full of brightly coloured tops. 'What colour do you want?' I asked, tossing a pretty turquoise one in her direction.

'Anything but BLUE,' she replied. 'You always buy me blue. I don't want blue.'

'Fine,' I replied. 'There's red, pink, purple, yellow, orange and tons of other colours, pick whatever you want.'

She did and we returned home happy.

Then, on Tuesday afternoon, my daughter came home and told me that Friday was Sports Day at school.

'Great,' I said. 'What do you need for Sports Day?'

'A water bottle, some suntan lotion, a hat and a T-shirt in my house colour,' she replied.

'Oh, so what's your house colour?' I asked.

'Blue,' she said with a smile.

Yes, it would be.



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