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Let the show begin…

The busiest times of the year for me are the first two weeks of September, Christmas week and the end of the school year. 

These are the months when it seems like everyone needs a piece of me and a hundred things need to be organized.

So, here I am, getting into one of my busy time periods again.

This week we have my youngest daughter's musical going on. Her school is doing Annie and my little performer is thrilled that she has four shows to perform in.

I am busy trying to get my family and my extended family organized with tickets and keep on top of everything else going on here.

My daughter however is doing fine, her costume is ready, her lines and music are in shape and she is excited and relaxed.

I'm not really worried about my daughter doing well, I know she will be terrific.

What I am worried about however is that I have forgotten to get someone a ticket or that I will forget to do something else this week, my day-timer is jammed with places to go and things to follow up on.

Did I also mention that at my busiest times of the year I also have a tendency to be a tad pessimistic?

Yeah, good times.




4 thoughts on “Let the show begin…

  1. Oh I remember all this worry and pride. My daughters are now 27 and 31 and believe it or not the worrying never stops(sorry to tell you that) My oldest is moving far away for a job promotion I am very proud but that darn worrying Mom always seems to come back.
    Good Luck to Annie I know you are going to tear up and swell with pride. I love being Mom the best job in the world. B


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