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Not feeling the love….

Kids make messes –  I know this. 

But since I've just spent the last four hours putting my house back together after a weekend of my kids and their friends gathering here, I'm feeling a little grumpy about the whole subject right now.

So, here I am, finally (!) with a tidy house again, trying to figure out how many months and years it is until these freakin' slobs move the heck out.

I keep hearing I'll hate having an empty nest.

Right now? I doubt it.


How was your weekend?


5 thoughts on “Not feeling the love….

  1. Ah the joys of children. If only they’d stop wearing clothes and eating life would be simpler around my house.
    We did a $10 challenge. Basically I gave (bribed) my children with ten bucks each if they agreed to drive to the nearest town with something other than just a Wally world and a grocery. Then they pick the store and a ten dollar or less item. My daughter picked two books, my son some hexbugs and I got a $3 creamer that is a cow. I don’t drink cream but when you pour it comes out the cows mouth. I could not pass that up!


  2. I can’t stand the mess that children bring. I would be happy to have them live here forever if they would just clean up after themselves.


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