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Spraying Smells Away…

We had a birthday in our house last week.

Our dog, Sadie turned one.

In celebration of the dog's special day my eldest daughter texted and told me that she and a few of her teen friends were planning to take all of their dogs to the dog park for a few hours. Since I wasn't getting home until late, I was happy that my daughter was taking the initiative to give Sadie some exercise.

It was a gorgeous day so my daughter and her friends ended up sitting at the dog park for a long time – they talked to the other dog owners, watched the dogs play and generally just hung out like all teens do.

At dinnertime, my daughter and one exhausted, dirty and VERY smelly dog returned to the house.

I swear our dog must have spent the entire time at the dog park rolling on dead uh, things. She smelled so bad she was banished to her crate and it was moved out to the back hall while we had dinner.  

After a long bath, Sadie was allowed back in the same room as the rest of us, but her new collar, her dog bed and her crate linens now all smelled of dead-rotting-puppy-pooped-on-decomposing-animal-smell.

Did I mention I got home late? It was now bedtime and I did not want to start doing laundry.

So, thank goodness I had this.

Lysol and Sadie

I shook all of Sadie's bedding outside and then I sprayed it down with my Lysol Fabric Mist and you know what?

The smell was GONE.

Yep, I could actually stick my face in the dog's bedding and not be uh, retching.

Which meant that I went to bed on time and didn't have to stay up the extra two hours to wash it.

So, this stuff? This is my new best friend.

Love you, Lysol Fabric Mist.


Disclosure: I am part of the Lysol Healthy Families Ambassador Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

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