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Heat makes me happy

Our furnace decided not to participate in the whole heating-the-house thing yesterday. 

The temperature in our abode quickly plummeted.

It's cold enough here that they are forecasting snow for tonight so we honestly needed the furnace participating in this whole heating thingy it's supposed to do.

Today I am also feeling yucky with something that is either a cold or allergies – something that has stuffed up my head, made it difficult to breathe and made me feverish.

So, being in a feverish, short tempered and COLD kinda mood I went downstairs this morning checked the furnace breakers, put in a new filter, rattled a few wires and then kicked the furnace.


I then called in reinforcements, commonly known as the repair guy, who charged us extra for coming out on a Sunday but we now have heat again.

So, I predict that we won't get snow tonight but will instead have warm springish temperatures for the rest of the week. Actually, since I paid extra for the repair man to come out today? We probably won't need heat again until October.

Neighbours? You're very welcome.



6 thoughts on “Heat makes me happy

  1. I’m not sure if I should say I hope it gets cold and snows so you can test out the new heat or hope for spring to come your way.
    I only just discovered today (29 days before we move out of this rental house from heck-o), that the reason my daughters room is so cold isn’t only due to being above the garage. It’s also because the window in her bedroom doesn’t actually close and latch into anything. It’s like the window itself is too big for the sill. What!?
    29 days….


  2. I read this yesterday as I turned on the heat since it was so cold out but didn’t get a chance to comment until today. I hope you are keeping all of your neighbors warm with nice weather since you paid extra to get the furnace fixed. That was really considerate of you.


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