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600 Reasons why Moms Drink – Reason 376

Remember these?

Corded Phone

I actually used one when I was tiny. And yes, that might make me really old but you know what? 

I'm thinking about going out to see if they still sell them.

You see, even though the majority of people in our household have cell phones, we still have a home phone number, but when our home phone rings? I can NEVER find the cordless phone – and we have six of them.

Yep, our cordless phones are NEVER in their holders.

Lately I've found the cordless phones in many interesting locations – under a bed, under a couch cushion and even in the dog's crate. 

But usually when the phone rings I'm running around the house yelling, 'Where's the phone? Does anyone have the phone? Who took the phone?'

Because that's fun.

Really fun.



12 thoughts on “600 Reasons why Moms Drink – Reason 376

  1. We keep one corded phone in the house – on the office desk – for just this reason. I think it’s at least 20 years old. But of course, it sees more use than all the other phones combined!


  2. We currently don’t have a home phone but we are moving next month and plan to get one. I always worry about what if there’s a fire/burglar/911 emergency and I’m out cold and the kids have no idea how to unlock mommy’s cell let alone make a phone call with it.
    To me it’s totally worth the $30 a month.
    When we had a cordless phone – many moons ago, we’ve been cell only or a long time – it was the same way. We could never find it! I also remember those phones. My mom had a fancy looking one on her bedside stand, I remember liking watching it twirl back after you dialed each number.
    I also remember a time before we had call waiting. And before cell phones and the internet even existed. Sad how old we are isn’t it?


  3. LOL – we have this problem too – only I know the culprit was my hubby who left it out, and the toddler probably stole them because they were left where she can reach them.


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  5. Funny thing is, I just got my first cellphone a few mhtons ago. I got it in case I have to make a 9-1-1 call. If for no other reason, it’s worth having one. Otherwise, I don’t have much use for it. In fact, the only people who have my number are my son, my wife, and my employer. But even then, my employer is allowed to use for it emergencies only. So, basically, the thing sits unused in my pocket.


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