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Falling out of bed can be dangerous….

Tuesday morning started with a bang.


Somehow, the eight pound dog and the twelve year old daughter fell out of bed together.

The girl was fine.

Sadie however was hopping around, quite happily I might add, on three legs. She wouldn't put any weight on her hind left leg however and kept looking quite puzzled every time she toppled over.

Yeah, she's cute but not overly bright.

So, Tuesday morning found me at the vet and six hours later my Visa bill was substantially larger but at least I now had the x-rays to reassure me that my puppy was not seriously broken.

Now, all I have to do, according to the vet, is figure out how to keep this little crazy puppy quiet for a week. That, along with some anti-inflammatory drugs, is what the doctor has ordered.

Um, yeah. 

Sadie is usually eight pounds of crazy hyperactive fun.  She wants to go for walks, chase butterflies and annoy the cat. She usually doesn't walk around the house, she bounds and runs. She follows us EVERYWHERE because, who knows, we might be sneaking off to eat dog treats or something without her. 

So, Sadie has now been crated for the week.

Puppy jail.

Hurt Puppy 004

Sorry, baby.


4 thoughts on “Falling out of bed can be dangerous….

  1. Our dog is 11 pounds, and maybe it’s a small dog thing but I don’t even get to pee by myself. I finally get the kids to stop bugging me, and then here comes the dog. Attached at the hip (she also has separation anxiety. A dog? Seriously??)
    I’m glad your pups is alright. Our pup is only a year old so she’s still in her kennel at night. I imagine she’d lick my face off in the night if she weren’t.


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