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Playing Hooky…

Today my youngest daughter and I took a mental health day.

Yep, we called in sick and played hooky. Instead of going to work and school we took care of the things that we didn't have time to take of this weekend.

You see, it was a weekend of music festival performances, family commitments, and sports. We did a lot and we were both left with no free time at all.

So, when my youngest and I got home late last night, after helping out at a charity concert, and she showed me the homework that hadn't gotten done and we thought about the time she still needed to prepare for her piano exam this week AND I thought about how tired both she and I were, I decided we needed to take a day off and get caught up.

And we have. Her school projects are done, she wrote five thank you cards, she memorized a speech, her piano pieces got practiced and she cleaned her room. I spent the day helping her, I did laundry, and I put a very neglected house back together. I even got the dog brushed and the cat's litter box emptied.

My daughter and I also had a nice lunch together.

And yeah, we're both still tired, because it was a full day.

But the stress is gone, so tonight we'll both hopefully sleep well and the tiredness will be better by tomorrow too.

And although I'm usually a big 'nothing is more important than school' kinda Mom I don't feel guilty about keeping her home today, because what she did this weekend was important for her development too. 

And you know what? You can only do so many things and then something has to give, so one day of school didn't seem like that big a deal.

I hope.

I'll know for sure tomorrow when she brings home what she missed today at school and I open up my in-box later tonight.

So, how about you? Have you ever called in sick just to get caught up?



Edited to add:

Oh, and the next time I play hooky? I'm sending the kid to school so I can sleep the day away, eat junk and ignore the house. Just sayin'….

6 thoughts on “Playing Hooky…

  1. LOVE It!!! Totally agree and have been known to do just that (even take a selfish mental health day for myself) A 2 day weekend just isn’t enough time to do what needs to get to done.
    We’ll be having a mental health week next week – my sister arrives tonight and we can’t wait for the extra downtime with her.


  2. Can I get a mental health day? Actually, I might need a week if you can spare it! I’m all for kids in school, but I agree. A day off isn’t going to hurt now and then, especially when it sounds like they used the day in an extremely responsible way!


  3. sounds like a reasonable and semi-fun idea.
    i’m more apt to have a day of hooky with my girl (when she’s older) just to have fun.
    but i’m like you— that should be rare. then it won’t be special anymore.


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