I’m missing spring and it wasn’t even real.

Spring Let's Party!
The nice spring weather has left.

We've been enjoying lovely spring like temperatures here in my town for the past few weeks, but April seems to have decided to go back to our regularly scheduled cold weather.

I'm not a fan of global warming but I must admit I LIKED having unseasonably warm weather in March.

I liked wandering outside without a coat and I liked driving around with my car windows rolled down.

This frozen rain stuff that's falling outside my window today? I'm not a fan of that at all.

It's days like this that make me think I need to move south.

Far, far south.

What's the weather doing where you are? Is it crazy there too?



4 thoughts on “I’m missing spring and it wasn’t even real.

  1. okay y’all- the grass is always greener…
    we skipped spring and it’s fairly summer out there, in GA.
    yesterday it was 4d less than NINETY.
    that is june. NOT APRIL.
    our december/jan/feb felt like our march should.
    this is nuts.
    luckily we’ve had some good breezes to cool things off while the sun is SHINING OVERHEAD.
    the azaleas at our house and The Masters bloomed earlier than normal. apparently they are already dying and wilting at the Masters. which is supposed to be oh so picturesque. (ours are still nice and we are HOPING they’ll be good for easter pix)
    let’s trade houses for a week.


  2. I was thinking this exact thing while outside shivering yesterday in 45-degree weather that is totally normal for April and would’ve felt WARM if not for the Spring Tease that went on around here. The weather is broken, I’m telling ya.


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