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600 Reasons why Moms Drink – Reason 555

My family is visually challenged.

They can't seem to find ANYTHING without my help.

What they are looking for might be the ONLY thing sitting in an empty cupboard in front of them but unless I leave whatever I am doing and stand beside them to point this out? They can't see it.

Why is that, anyway?



We keep the milk in the refrigerator at our house.

<Sarcasm font on> Shocking, <Sarcasm font off> I know.

8 thoughts on “600 Reasons why Moms Drink – Reason 555

  1. My kids are like that too. I don’t think it’s that they can’t find something. I think they like the support of having someone else help them.


  2. It got to the point in our house where when we said something was missing, my mother would ask in this exceptionally sweet tone of voice, “If I look with mommy eyes, will I find it?”
    I tell ya, we went back to looking on our own pretty quick.


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