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Rating The Hunger Games Movie

I let my twelve year old daughter go to see The Hunger Games movie last night.

Yep, I let my youngest go and see a movie that is rated for 13 years of age and older that I'm reading all over the internet TONIGHT, should be rated even higher.

Yes, I checked the ratings AFTER she went, I'm a bad Mom.

When she got home I asked my daughter what she thought of the movie and she said, 'Peeta is cute and Katniss is good.'

When I asked her tonight if she thought it was appropriate for kids she told me that it was a little gory but she thought it should be rated for kids ten years of age and older.


Just for the record, if this was my first child, I would have checked the ratings before I sent her and I probably would not have let her seen the movie until she was thirteen.  

If she was my second child I would have checked out the rating, read the reviews on line, talked it over with my husband and then I would have made an educated decision about whether or not he could go see it.

But this is my third child. She ran in the door yesterday from school and told me she had been invited to a movie. I handed her a twenty dollar bill and she raced out, got into a car, with a family I know well, and she went to the movie.

She went, she saw and she is fine.

I seem to be parenting all over the map.

And really? All three of my kids seem to be turning out just fine.

So, once again I'm left with the feeling that raising my kids to be good, sensible and thoughtful people, really has very VERY little to do with me.



8 thoughts on “Rating The Hunger Games Movie

  1. For such a short post, this has a remarkable amount crammed into it. I think our confidence as parents increases over time–in part because we start to realize that things almost never turn out as badly as we think they will and because we come to accept how little control we do have in any case.
    Movie ratings are so subjective–and I think people sometimes forget that. Glad your daughter survived the movie unscathed. 😉


  2. not that you asked,
    but i saw it last night, and thought they did an appropriate job.
    if your daughter read the book, she knew it was coming. and for the MOST part, they alluded to the gore without showing it full-fledged-horror style!
    and i will say that a part (i think i remember from the book) was not in it, which was unnecessary nudity. so kudos for hollywood there.
    i saw ferris bueller’s day off which was one of the first pg-13 movies when i was 12. i survived okay; and am raising my daughter well. just like you.
    keep on keepin’ on!


  3. There is so many ways anymore that kids can see all kinds of things that we wouldn’t have been able to at their ages. I shelter them from anything hardcore, but for the most part, I let them watch what they want within reason. I don’t put much faith in the ratings system anymore. They seem to be all over the map.
    I figure if they know I’m not against them watching things, they’ll come to me with questions. If I’m constantly saying you can’t watch this or that, then when they do watch them, they’ll think they will get in trouble and not talk to me about it.
    I guess it’s a double edged sword. But who knows how to do this anymore.


  4. We took our 11 year old along with a group of teens to see the Hunger Games. And I knew exactly what to expect from reading the books. I saw in a review that describing the Hunger Games as a story of kids killing kids is equivalent to calling Romeo and Juliet a story about suicide. (I let them watch and read that, too.)


  5. Yay! You will love it so much! You may even Homeschool all your children! Have you deicded on curriculum? I know how challenging it can be, but I know you will be awesome! Just spending time with your boy will great for him and you. Love you!


  6. That was hilarious! My dorm girls and I just wtcahed both videos and laughed our heads off! We’re thinking maybe we’ll get our FHE guys to do a clip with us.


  7. From the ones you showed us I aclltuay like Anthony’s the best! I’m kind of surprised since I really did like his personality way more than his clothes. That middle dress is gorgeous!Ben was an early pick for me. It’s too bad he got ignored.It’s fun to look at these, but I still agree that letting almost everyone show their collections at Bryant Park kind of ruins the competition. I’d rather have spoilers than that.I’m going to miss Project Runway 😦


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