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The true north, strong and free…

My husband and son are driving up north today to see how the cottage has weathered our almost non-existent winter.

And I am jealous.

I was left at home to drive my daughter to her music rehearsals and I must admit I'd rather be up north squishing around in the woods.

I like my little suburban town but I LOVE being up north. I love the solitude, the trees, the lake, the bird song – actually, I like just about everything.

Except the mosquitoes, but it's too early to worry about them.


My love for being up north, is getting so bad that I'm now finding myself looking forward to only two seasons in my life, getting ready and celebrating Christmas and getting ready and enjoying the few short months we have at the cottage.

So, today I'm thinking about hyper-travel again. I'd like to be up north and then back here to do the driving in an instant. I want to be able to just pop from one place in the world to another without a major plane or car ride.

Anyone know how that is progressing?



One thought on “The true north, strong and free…

  1. I do not understand how this has not been a priority in our scientific communities right along. It would solve any number of problems, not least among them dramatically reducing our dependence on petroleum–and easing all the sociopolitical issues that go with it.


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