Tomorrow the kids are heading back to school after their spring break vacation. So, logically that means that spring is on its way.


I can't really complain about the winter we've had here as it's been fairly warm and we really haven't had a lot of snow. 

But, as the weather warms up I'll probably have to start thinking about all the work that needs doing outside. 

Yep, we're going to need to paint outside this spring and I have big gardening plans too.

The problem with this is that I haven't really finished all the winter indoor chores I had planned. All the closet sorting, indoor painting and cleaning chores that I was supposed to do over these last long cold winter months just didn't get done.

In fact, most of them didn't even get half way started.

So, now I'll be starting the outdoor chores, that is until the really beautiful sunny warm weather hits, and then these chores will be left half done too.

Because really, the nice weather here doesn't last long and I want to enjoy it while I can.

Which means this time next year?

I'll be exactly where I am today.



5 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. isn’t that always the case?
    always more to do that you don’t even think of til’ you’re in the middle of doing something else!
    enjoy the spring.
    down here it is um, quite summer-y already.


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