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I’m going to become a nudist.

I went shopping today. Now, the fact that I went shopping isn't in itself all that unusual. What is interesting is that I went shopping for clothes – for me.

The weather has gotten nice here so I thought I'd head out and buy some spring like t-shirts, blouses and such to welcome the nicer weather. 

Unfortunately the clothing industry here in Canada doesn't seem to make ANYTHING that's appropriate for a woman of my age and size.

For the record, I'm in my 40's, about 5' 6" and a size 10.

But, I don't need my tummy showing when I'm dressed – thank you very much.

I also don't need pants that climb up to my arm pits.

And black? Okay I like to wear some black, but does every piece of clothing for my age group have to be black? I'm fair, bordering on pale – I NEED a LITTLE color.

I have no idea what I'm going to wear over the next few weeks. Except perhaps my husband's cast off t-shirts and an old pair of jeans.

Sexy me.



13 thoughts on “I’m going to become a nudist.

  1. yes. i hate shopping for me.
    i can’t stand trying on clothes and trying to decide 1) if it fits, 2) if it looks like it fits and 3) if i’ll really have a reason/place to wear it.
    and yes. everything is like “old lady-ish” or “teen-ish”
    however, nudist??? that would SO NOT WORK. ha


  2. It’s supposed to be quite nice here this week–a spring preview if not the actual feature presentation. It’s sent me into a panic. I have some usable stuff from the warm weather last year, but no idea where it is. And I shop for myself only under extreme duress. I know exactly the issues of which you speak.


  3. Ugh, there is NOTHING I hate more than shopping for clothes for myself. GAH. Nothing ever fits, everything is so expensive, everything is going to get salad dressing and/or permanent marker on it anyway, so why bother? My sympathies :).


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  5. Most kids that age (5) have no idea about sex, and his choice of going as Daphne had no real snciifigance, just something that appealed to him, and he just as easily could have chosen to go as Spiderman or Wonderwoman. It wasn’t an indication of sexual preference.I didn’t go naked as a child, but would often watch TV at night with my older sisters, wearing just my underwear. (It was hot, and we didn’t have air conditioning.) It just didn’t mean anything, as sex just didn’t enter into my thinking. (And rarely does, even now.)


  6. nudity is a toughie for me. My boys are both into puretby now. They share their group home with two other boys. They ALL prefer commando and it takes quite a bit of effort from the staff to manage all of that. It does get handled but I wish..I WISH..that my kids would understand the concept of modesty. It isn’t to be..but that doesn’t stop me from wishing.


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