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600 Reasons why Moms Drink – Reason 33

PhoneThere's another reason why Moms drink – it's to numb that sick feeling we get in the pit of our stomachs when our call display shows that the kid's school is calling.

Because these calls usually mean that either our kid is throwing up, has broken a bone or is at this very minute sitting in the Principal's office trying to explain why they were doing something that they shouldn't have been doing. 

Have you ever noticed that schools NEVER call just to tell us how delightful our kids are?

Why is that anyway?


8 thoughts on “600 Reasons why Moms Drink – Reason 33

  1. I haven’t reached this point in my “parenting career”. But I like to think my phone call will be because my daughter is super smart and nice and they just wanted to call and tell me that.
    Does that happen?


  2. it might be the chicken and the egg; when parents stop being so afraid of the phone calls, teachers may be apt to call more. i mean, c’mon. you know your kid…. not everyone has to fear the phone. ha!
    as a former first grade teacher, i gave at least one good phone call to each parent.
    you would be surprised at how curt & uncomfortable the whole conversation would go. like they would be surprised and off-guard. i felt kinds stupid. isn’t that stupid?
    i’ve actually had better conversations with more upbeatedness (just made up that word) from parents who were getting the “you need to come in for a conference”
    it is quite unfortunate, though, that we didn’t call more often. mainly meeting commitments, and dredges of paperwork (not just grading papers) would take up much of the afternoon/evening.
    what’s more unfortunate? the fact that parents never seemed to read the notes (good and bad) that went home several times a week; never bothered to come in for a conference. like- ever.


  3. Ralph those are very wise words you’ve quoted. It’s good to be renmided to slow down a little, and keep on breathing in and out! Robyn, thank you for that feedback. I do care, very much, and try to pay attention to what you’re all up to and what’s important to you. I think you pay the same attention to your readers at Brain Based Biz, which is why I’m such a regular commenter there.Robert, I’m glad you feel it’s comfortable here. The feeling of place’ is important to me on blogs I visit which is of course one of the reasons I enjoy hanging out at the Zone


  4. Treat others how you want to be trteead. It’s one of the best ways of showing respect. If you don’t treat others how you want to be trteead, then they will treat you the way you don’t want to be trteead or just walk away.


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