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I’m driving and uh, writing too

I write some of my best stuff in the car.

I've written e-mails, thank you notes, witty blog posts and even a few short nasty notes to other drivers while I drive.

The problem is all this great writing is done in my head and rarely gets transferred to the keyboard and published.

Which brings me to my 'lightbulb' moment of the day; I need is a tape recorder! Then I can just 'talk' all my brilliant ideas onto a tape and type them up later.

The problem is that if I saved everything on tape, I'd probably also need a typist to transpose everything.

I mean who has time to type up a tape?

And since I'm requesting secretarial help, shouldn't I be asking for a house cleaner, a cook and a nanny too?

Oh yeah, and a gardener, a cabana boy pool cleaner and I could definitely use someone to stop that funny light in my van from flashing on all the time.

So, since NONE of this is going to happen maybe I'll just buy myself a little tape recorder.

The only problem I can see will be keeping the kids quiet long enough so I can use it.

I think I'll get some duct tape too.


11 thoughts on “I’m driving and uh, writing too

  1. hahaha!
    i think of this sometimes, too.
    the tape recorder, not the duct tape.
    i shudder to hear myself play back tho.
    i have used the recorder part of my phone to remember something before therapy— but i have yet to remember to actually BRING IT UP in therapy!
    so i guess having one doesn’t guarantee success.
    can’t wait to see your writing get even more witty!


  2. I have an app on my phone that I can tell my grocery list and it remembers. It has saved me a few trips back to the store for forgotten things.
    Love the duct tape πŸ™‚


  3. Dictation app for your phone! I’ve used the Dragon app with some success and sometimes reading what it thought I said is pretty hysterical (sometimes not so much). At any rate, it’s there and I can edit it and use it or delete as I will. πŸ™‚


  4. ) The watch is great, only complaint is that the comspas is like stuck or something, I might have to take it apart to fix it. its 4gb not 8gb and the audio needs to be amplified a little bit which i know how to do that. But yea other than that its amazing! I love the video quality. i paid $25.00 worth every penny.


  5. Wonderful ideas! Thomas the Train is big at our house too. My kids will probably be tlolaty excited to try that craft idea!I blogged about two train books that we love at our house a couple of weeks ago –I think my favorite train series to read to them is The Little Red Train series by Benedict Blathwayt.


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