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Just say, YES!

No, no and uh, no.

How many times do you say no to your kids in one day?

No, you can't have ice cream for dinner.

No, you can't stay up until midnight.

No, you can't beat up your sister.

Sometimes I'm so busy trying to get things done that I probably even say No to my children before I really even listen to their request.

Tonight I found myself saying no to going for a walk with my youngest daughter after dinner because I wanted to get the dishes done.

And that was something I should have said yes to.

I think it's a mommy burn-out kinda thing.


So, today I've decided to take a YES! pledge. 

I'm pledging to look at my priorities and find a way to say yes to my kids more often. I mean why couldn't I have gone for a walk first and then done the dinner dishes when my youngest was in bed?

P & G brands has developed a way to help us join our kids in exploring, discovering and living life to the fullest. Just visit and 'Like' their 'It all starts with Yes' Facebook page' and you'll get access to some great tools to help you say 'Yes!' more often to your kids.

I have also been given a YES! kit to give away to my Canadian readers. The kit is filled with Tide® original liquid laundry detergent, a Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser, a box of Puffs® facial tissue, Charmin® Freshmates, Bountry® paper towel, and adult and child-size aprons, along with ideas to create more fun-filled family moments.

To be entered in the give-away just comment on any (or all) of my posts for the next week and tell me how you're taking one of your own 'no moments' and changing it into a 'yes moment' with your kids. I'll draw a random name from all the comments on Friday March 9, 2012.

I'll also be sharing my 'yes moments' over the next week and let you know how I'm doing too.

So go ahead, make your child’s day and say, 'Yes!' to jumping into that pile of soggy leaves.


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5 thoughts on “Just say, YES!

  1. what a great reminder!
    i am hoping i don’t fall into the trap my dad had— he always said no to things without even listening/thinking, too.
    and he wasn’t one you could reason with very often. that always frustrated me.
    i’m hoping that if littlej can have a valid point on something, i’ll listen and THEN think it over.
    at 3.5, she’s already shown one sign of doing that recently. she told me i gave her ice to eat one time. when i reminded her that my friend did that, she reminded ME of a time where i think there was some ice in her cup. so last weekend, she was allowed to have ice in her cup.
    made sense to me.
    and, oh- god help me if my 3 1/2 year old already knows how to argue with VALIDITY.


  2. A friend’s mother, when asked about any parenting regrets, stated that she just wished she’d said, “Yes,” more often. That statement has been an encouragement for both my friend and I to make those affirmatives a priority. Sometimes, when I’m tired, pressed for time, or task-oriented, just the memory of that mother of adult children’s wish has been a help in choosing to say,”Yes,” more often. I love that P&G is advocating the same thing.


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