600 Reasons why Moms Drink – Reason 99

Most evenings between 5 and 6 pm, I'm busy in the kitchen trying to make a healthy nutritious dinner.

And most evenings I usually hear this music from one of my children while I'm doing it.

99 Top

This whining and wailing will often continue for quite a while as I frantically try to soothe the child and get dinner ready.

Then, when I finally get the meal on the table and the puddle-kid off the floor, often this happens.


99 Bottom



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8 thoughts on “600 Reasons why Moms Drink – Reason 99

  1. (whispers) omg.. this is the moment when I wish to stalk my 6 foot tall teenager and tackle him to the floor and force ALL the food in his big complaining mouth WITH the plunger! Screaming all the while.. “SHUT UP and eat the FOOD!!!”
    and that is why I LOVE my dogs.. they will eat anything.. even the non-ass flavored stuff.. EVEN the stuff the kids drop.. lol
    EXCELLENT graphics btw.. do you do your own?
    Black sheep


  2. That drives me absolutely bananas. Yes, we have the same situation. My daughter ate her weight in graham crackers this afternoon and then wasn’t hungry for dinner. Urrggh.


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