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Postcards (not) from the Edge…

I'm at a conference. I've been away from my husband and children for two days.

Since I've been away, I've texted my older two children and my husband several times, I've messaged my youngest daughter many times and I've called home at least three times on my cell phone.

We're connected.

Very connected.

But I'm wondering, do people still send postcards when they're on vacation?

Real postcards, I mean. The type that you use an ink pen to write on, that you attach a real stamp to and that get delivered by a LIVE mail-person to your house.

Do they even SELL postcards at American hotels anymore?

I'm going to check tomorrow and if I find some? I'm going to send some home to my kids.

I remember it used to be exciting to get a postcard in the mail.

So, my three on-line savvy kids should be thrilled. Right?

Or if they're not thrilled, at least they might be amused.

Greatly amused.

And yes, they might possibly think that I'm old too.

Really old.



4 thoughts on “Postcards (not) from the Edge…

  1. My mother-in-law is the world’s greatest postcard sender. She gets them wherever she goes and my kids always used to be very excited to get them. On a side note, my dad sent us a postcard from Costa Rica. It got here three weeks after he got back from his trip. 😉


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