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Brace Face

I took my son to get braces put on his teeth today.

He doesn't really want braces but he needs them and so he now has them.

He has told me more than a few times today that he doesn't like them and that they hurt.

'No kidding, I don't think anyone really likes them,' I keep replying as I offer him soft foods.

I never had braces as a kid, mainly because my family couldn't afford them.

My older sister got braces put on her teeth at the age of forty and lately I've been considered getting them as well. 

But my son, at fourteen, doesn't want to hear that he's lucky to have a father with a good job and insurance that will allow him to get braces, he just wants nice teeth without the pain and the two year wait.

I get that.

But at some point? 

I'm probably gonna have to let him know that he's lucky too.



4 thoughts on “Brace Face

  1. My 14 year old son needs braces.. we will be damn lucky to get them next year and I pray that when he gets them he names them “new 4 wheeler” lol. Kids rarely know how lucky they are or how much we secretly sacrifice to get them what they need. BUT..they eventually get a clue.
    Tell him
    “Pretty hurts”
    that always makes mine man up.. lol
    Black sheep


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