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Tired Mama – Year Seventeen.

Last week I spent some time poking around web sites thinking that maybe I should try and find a new blog title and URL.

My kids are older now so technically I should be getting more sleep as I don't have to get up with babies any longer. 

Then, last night? 

At 2 am I was up elbowing my husband because he was snoring so loud.

Then I was up at about 3:30 am because the cat was pawing and crying at my daughter's closed bedroom door. 

At 4 am the puppy fell off my other daughter's bed where she had been sleeping and boy, did she cry – both the puppy and my younger daughter. *

Finally, my son's alarm was set wrong so it went off at 5 am.

So, just in case you're interested,

Tired Mama? 

It looks like she's going to be here for a while yet.



* The puppy was fine, just freaked out.

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