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Letting go

I was talking with a friend this weekend and I mentioned that my oldest daughter had applied to a junior college for the fall.

We talked about the financial costs, where she would live and how it would all work.

I talked about how I thought she was ready and how she was excited about the idea.

And then my friend stopped my babbling, took my hand, looked me in the eye and asked me,

'Yes, and how are you REALLY with this?'

How am I with my baby leaving home a year earlier than planned?

I'm uh, honestly?

Thrilled for her, frightened for her, sad for me, excited for her, mad at how fast time has flown and even slightly jealous.

Basically? I have no idea how I am. So far, I've just been focused on her.

But, my daughter is thinking about leaving home.


How am I with this?

I'll get back to you on that. 

Right after I take a valium.

Followed perhaps by a red wine chaser…



8 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. I’m dealing with the same feelings. You want your kids to be excited and thrilled with the new adventures awaiting them, but at the same time you want to Superglue them to your hip for eternity! Good luck, and if you find a “cure”, let me know! ; )


  2. WOW!! Congrats on having a focused daughter!!!
    That is awesome.
    When my son left me for college….I was totally unprepared for the VOID he left. Even though my daughter was still home, he left a vacuum….it was rough at first, then I was so proud! Then he came home.


  3. what a good (and intuitive) friend you have!
    i’ve heard from a few of my friends that the feeling of crazy leaves sooner than they would imagine; and it’s not as bad as they thought.
    hope that’s the case with you.
    & kudos to your daughter. i hope this step will help her with her future goals!


  4. I don’t even want to think about this yet but the bright side for you is that your daughter is very focused and is leaving home for college and not for some other reasons.


  5. Victoria Posted on Your aosewmsnees never ceases to amaze and I am so proud you have another vessel in which to spread it. I know this blog will be as exciting as any of our other adventures!!Victoria


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