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She can see things I can’t..

My youngest daughter is taking some music exams in the spring and so I've been bugging her to get on with her practicing this week.

As I cleaned up the kitchen tonight I listened to her go through her music, she played well but she played quickly and she played music that I had heard often.

'Lizzie,' I called. 'Is that what you're supposed to be practicing?'

'Yep,' she replied.

'Are you sure? Bring me your teacher's notes,' I demanded.

As I read through the list with her I pointed out that nothing she had played was on the list of things to practice.

'Yes, it is,' she insisted.

'Where?' I asked giving her the book and a scowl.

'Right there,' she said, pointing at the blank part at the bottom of the page.

'Right there, written in invisible ink.'



Silly me.

And yeah, she really does know how to turn my scowls around.


4 thoughts on “She can see things I can’t..

  1. Cathi Posted on I’ve told you this beorfe, but you are soooooo brave! I’m still laughing at Skook’s Oh,honey. Hey, how’d you get that spot on the t-shirt already? You really DID wear that, didn’t you? Thanks for the uplift.


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