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600 Reasons why Moms Drink – Reason #423

Reason # 423

Mom just spent an hour at the grocery store and $200. She comes home, lugs in all the groceries, cleans out the cupboards and fridge of empty packages, wipes down all the shelves and puts all the fresh healthy groceries away.

Ten minutes later….

423 Snipped


9 thoughts on “600 Reasons why Moms Drink – Reason #423

  1. funny!
    and your art-work is fantastic.
    an on-going joke with me & The Mr. is that he “prides” himself on grocery shopping for like $50 for the week.
    on the rare occasion that happens, he’ll then complain we don’t have anything “good” to eat.
    go figure!
    also, last week, i didn’t grocery shop, and he traveled. i just wasn’t feeling well. he came home from his late flight, looked in our pantry and joked “i admire your commitment to saving money on the grocery bill, but man i’m starving!” needless to say when i went this past week, i spent about $40 more than normal!


  2. That right there is the story of my life. Although, I have also found they will eat a week’s worth of groceries in one day and then complain that there is nothing to eat.


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