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Twelve things my son needs to know….

There are all sorts of lists on the internet that document the things we should teach our children.

These lists tell us to teach our kids to believe in themselves, to dream, to dance, to sing, to be polite and to do all sorts of other good things. However, there are other things my teenage son needs to know too. 

So, today I thought I would share that list:

  1. Be kind to little children, one day that gawky little girl next door will grow up to be gorgeous and she’ll tell all her beautiful friends how sweet you are. Women remember everything.
  2. When a girl gets her period at school? You notice nothing, you say nothing, you offer no help, you just quickly and quietly walk away. Trust.
  3. Don’t fart in small enclosed spaces. This should need no further explanation but, when you get a minute, could you explain it to your father for me? Thanks.
  4. Nothing good ever happens after 2 am.
  5. Don’t pick your nose in public. Ever. That includes when you’re alone in a car.
  6. Never ask anyone else about their salary or their grades. Feel free to share this one with your friends.
  7. If it's already on fire, put away the lighter fluid. And I'm not just talking about BBQ's or campfires here.
  8. Pull up your jeans! No one really needs to see the brand name of your underwear and years from now you're going to be mortified by the pictures.
  9. If you wouldn’t say it to EVERYONE in person, don’t post it on a blog, on Facebook, tweet it or put it anywhere near cyber space. One day you will need a job.
  10. Never take incriminating pictures of yourself or anyone else on your cell phone. One day you will be drunk.
  11. None of this hard work counts, if you don't graduate.
  12. And always remember, even though I don’t always like everything you do, I will always love you. Yes, always.

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