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Yeah, it’s like that…

On Sunday afternoon, my husband came downstairs from his office where he'd been all morning working on income tax stuff. 

'I need a break,' he told me while rubbing his neck.

'Okay,' I acknowledged from behind my laptop.

Moments later he reappeared in front of me.

'I want to check the score on the football game,' he announced.

I waited.

'Youngest daughter and her friends are watching a movie in the family room and our son and his friends are playing a video game downstairs,' he said.

I looked up at him and tried to be helpful.

'Costco was clearing out TVs when I was there yesterday.' I said.

He just huffed away.

It's hard to be the king when the kids take control of the remotes – and just about everything else.




7 thoughts on “Yeah, it’s like that…

  1. Or maybe another laptop, so he can check the scores online. Maybe an iPad, which you can have, and let him have your laptop.
    Although I guess you can get a TV cheaper than an iPad.
    Thanks for coming to visit!


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