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Just killing time…

This morning I went to buy a cup of tea at a local coffee shop while my daughter was at her music lesson.

Although I don't go to this particular coffee shop every Saturday morning, I do go there often enough that I recognize the people working behind the counter. This morning, in my standard polite Canadian way, I asked the gentleman who was serving me how he was.

'Just killing time until I die,' he replied.


He did grin at me after he said it, which led me to believe he was just looking for a reaction, but, really?

I mean, REALLY?

I guess in reality that's what we're all doing, but thanks for the cheery words at 9 am on a lovely sunny Saturday morning.

So uh, kids? Just so you know, Eeyore is working at the corner coffee shop in the north west end of my town. Or maybe he's that kid from Charlie Brown who walks around with a rain cloud over his head.

Either way, I think I'll go to a different place to get my tea next Saturday morning.


7 thoughts on “Just killing time…

  1. Just to play devil’s advocate the last thing I need before my first cup of coffee is some bright, perky person flaunting their “perfect” attitudes when I’m still half asleep. Just saying.


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