How to use a hanger

HangerI know I've posted about this before, but it seems my children need a reminder. 

You see, now that we have colder weather I have sent all my kids to school properly equipped with warm footwear, mittens, hats, scarves and a suitable coat.

But, all this toasty warm and fairly expensive gear is now lying on my mud room floor. At least the stuff that's not molding in the lost and found at school is in there, I must admit I haven't done a complete inventory.

Which leads me to – hangers.

Okay, so kids? See that little picture at the top of this post? Don't be scared, that's a hanger.

Mittens go in your coat pockets, and then the sleeves of your coat need to go over the pointy ends of this hanger thing. You then need to take the top hooked part and place it over the rod in the mud room closet. This should take about oh, all of ten seconds.

Boots can also be placed in the bottom of the same closet on the boot mats.

Hangers and boot mats are our friends. Please start using them.

I appreciate your attention.


6 thoughts on “How to use a hanger

  1. I consider you lucky if your kids just leave their outerwear in the mud room. I find it all over my house. They drop it wherever they are standing when the mood hits them. I guess I should work on finding one room for them before trying to get to the hanger.


  2. Hi Leane
    I can definitely relate to your post. I hope for your sake that your kids are starting to follow your instructions. I wish my kids would finally learn to use their hangers too. Good luck to us! Take care and God bless!
    Yours sincerely,
    Grace Pamer


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