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I’m going to visit Minnie Mouse!

We're going to Walt Disney World.


My kids are getting a little too big for Disney, or so they tell me, but it doesn't matter because I'm dragging them to enjoy the magic anyway.

You know what I like most about Disney today though? 

I like the fact that when I went to their site to check on my reservation, I was greeted by Donald Duck and a little sign telling me how many days it was until my Disney vacation began.

That is how many days it is until I can walk around outside without a coat.

That's how many days it is until someone else cooks the family meals, does the dishes, makes the beds, dusts the shelves, wipes the counters and vacuums the floors of my living space.

That's how many days it is until I don't have to spend my evenings driving kids to their activies and fighting with them to do homework or practice their music. 

How many days it is until I GET A VACATION.

So yeah, that little sign made me smile.

Actually, I wanted to flippin' kiss the little thing.

The Disney marketing machine? 

It's the best people, simply the best.

7 thoughts on “I’m going to visit Minnie Mouse!

  1. I’m not sure what “too old” for Disney means–I have a co-worker who has four kids and is taking a week off in February so he and his wife can go to Disney without the kids. 🙂


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