It’ll grow back…

Sadie is having a hard time today.

You see I took her to get a fur-cut and it went rather badly. 

I guess she liked being a fluffy white ball of fur. But when she started trotting into walls I decided that something needed to be done. She was a little too fluffy.

Sadie Before

So, 'cut it short,' I said.

And they did.

Sadie After

But now she's unhappy and she's been hiding behind the couch all morning. I think she feels ugly.  And when I took her for a walk? She was shivering. 

Who knew a fur-cut could make a puppy feel bad. 

Now I feel guilty. 

I mean I know every female has had a bad haircut in their life and has had to suffer through a grow back stage, but I didn't know a dog could feel bad about it too.

Sorry, Sadie. I'll be more careful with my instructions next time.

But honestly? Even though the kids are giving you a really hard time, it isn't really that horrible. 



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