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Sometimes I yell the stupidest things…

This past weekend we were puppy sitting. 

It all went well, our ten month old puppy, Sadie got along very well with my niece's six month old puppy. They played, they ran, they ate, and they did all sorts of puppy things together.

Now Dex, my niece's dog is still young and so about 3 am this morning he was crying in his crate that he needed to go outside.

So, I stumbled out of bed and took both puppies outside for a pee.

But while they were both outside, doing their uh, business, Dex started to bark at the light snow that was falling.

In my tired state, I decided it would be a good idea to yell at him to pipe down before he woke up the neighbours.

Except, my tongue got tied, and I started to yell out my dog's name by habit and then, being somewhat awake, I realized half way through that I was calling the wrong dog and changed the name.

So yes, at 3 am on Sunday morning, I was out, in my PJ's, in the snow, standing on my back deck yelling, so all the neighbours could hear…

The S from Sadie and the EX from Dex.

I yelled it several times too.


I wonder what they thought I was doing – celebrating it or searching for some?


12 thoughts on “Sometimes I yell the stupidest things…

  1. That was hilarious. It is very generous of you to watch a puppy that needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I am not sure that I am that giving.


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