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What’s in a name?

When my daughter entered sixth grade last September, she started at a brand new school. It's been a great success, she likes it, she's making friends and she's doing well. It's all good.

When she started at this new school however, she changed her name.

It was nothing too drastic, let's say her name is Elizabeth*, well at the new school she asked everyone to call her Lizzie.

Lizzie. My sweet little Elizabeth is now a Lizzie.

In fairness, she did ask if it was okay with me before she did it, and I told her I was fine with it, but I would continue to call her Elizabeth. But, I assured her, if she wanted all her friends to call her Lizzie, that was okay.

So, now at school, she signs all her papers, Lizzie. Her friends and even her teachers call her, Lizzie.

When we had parent-teacher interviews, all the paperwork was made out in her given name. The teachers referred to her as Lizzie however until I started referring to her as Elizabeth. They then paused for half a beat, and started to refer to her as Elizabeth too for the remainder of the conference.

When her new friends call the house and ask to speak with Lizzie, I pause for half a beat and then call Elizabeth to the phone.

But it's a little unsettling for me. My little girl was Elizabeth Anne since I first felt her roll in my tummy, and it's tough for me to think of her by any other name.

But I will, because it's really no big deal. The name is cute and really, I suppose, it's hers to pick. 

My baby is growing up.


* Yep, she's not really an Elizabeth, but if it's okay with you, I'll just keep her real name to myself and out of the blog world for a little longer. 🙂

10 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. It’s the little things like this that freak me out the most. When my 2yo started putting on her own socks, I died a little inside. I immediately saw her moving out and getting a job. Motherhood is crazy.


  2. They just need to stop growing up. That’s what I’ve decided. But as a kid I shortened my name, but as an adult I use my full name and refuse to answer to anything shortened. So maybe she’ll be your Elizabeth again.


  3. I did the same thing when I went to high school. I have a 2 word first name – Mary Margaret. The nun jokes were BRUTAL – so I became Mary – or just Mayr to my friends. My parents were appalled! (Which made it even better!) Now I have a daughter with a perfectly acceptable name – and SHE wants to change it and it’s killing me! It’s a step away from the nest! They are becomming their own women…that is how we MUST think about it! Love the blog!


  4. I really like this post. I have no idea what is in a name, but I can feel a little twinge of losing my little girl when she goes and shortens her name. Damn girl. You are making me think!


  5. Just yesterday I took my 6yr to pick out new glasses, I was hoping she would pick out a cute pink or purple, but Nope!! She wanted black. Ikinda felt like you did, they are growing up too fast.
    visiting from write on edge


  6. They grow up ridiculously fast. When my daughter, who is now 17 (!), was six or seven she announced that she was Dr. Ashklomash Coco Peppermint and wouldn’t answer to anything else for a couple of days–at home at least. To this day, I have no idea where that came from.


  7. My goodness! You mean that I’ll have to deal with that?
    They never tell you these things before you become a parent, do they? And these are the things that you really need to know!


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