Cats like trees

I didn't realize cats could get depressed.

But they can. Right now our cat is slinking around the house, with his tail down, looking like he's just lost his best friend.

You see, my silly silver tabby cat is in a total funk because we took down his Christmas tree. 

Yep, his.

Our damn cat LOVES Christmas trees. He loves climbing them, he loves breaking the ornaments on them, he loves swinging down from their branches to scare the puppy and he loves sleeping under them.

And now that the Christmas tree is out at the curb and he is stuck in the house looking out the window at it? 

He loves wailing at it. 

And he's not being quiet about it either.

Poor baby.Ollie in the Christmas tree

Never a dull (or quiet) moment around here…..

9 thoughts on “Cats like trees

  1. Hehe…I have four cats, but only one was all about the tree. She was so upset that she ran outside and immediately climbed our mountain laurel in protest.
    Great story, cute picture!


  2. Hello Leane, I think a cat breaking ornaments is something of a bother but then I can’t bring myself to dislike your cat because he is a shower of cuteness. I pity the poor thing after the tree was removed. I am curious about one day seeing a depressed cat in person (or is that in cat?) but your post had a clear description of it so I think I can picture it. Thanks, Grace


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