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Tired Mama’s Organizing Tips

The night before my entire extended family came over to my house to celebrate Christmas I took a large cardboard box and filled it with all the clutter in my office.

I then lugged that big box to the basement and shoved it into the back of a closet and closed the door on it.

What can I say? I was out of time and my office is at the front of the house, people were going to see it and I needed a fast way to tidy it up.

It might not have been the best office organizing idea but it sure made that space look a heck of a lot better.

Now, about a week later, I am still enjoying a less cluttered office and I’ve just realized that I have not yet missed a single thing that I shoved into that box.

A minute ago, when I remembered this box, I contemplated going and digging it out and rummaging through it to see what I actually threw in there.

But I have now decided that I should probably just put the whole box out for trash pick-up or donate it to a charity shop. If I haven’t missed it yet then I probably don’t need the stuff in it, right? 

And I’m also contemplating doing it with every other room in my house. I wonder if anyone in my family would even notice?

The sad part? I honestly don’t think they would.




7 thoughts on “Tired Mama’s Organizing Tips

  1. That is funny! I haven’t done exactly that but I do box up things I am not ready to decide what to do with yet. I know it will be much easier to throw out a few years from now – hey if you have the space why not!


  2. Hahaha – that is exactly what I do! When I get exasperated with all the clutter, I sweep them into a box and put it into the attic. After 6 months (or when/if I remember) I just toss it all out. I do the same for clothes and shoes and other stuff. It really works! Go for it!


  3. Soooo glad I’m not the only one who organizes this way! I’m feeling really overwhelmed with how full our house is feeling after the holidays…my new years wish is also to do more with less this year…and get rid of a lot of stuff!


  4. This week I’m going through just such boxes, shredding anything sensitive, and then tossing the remainder into the bins. I suspect you are absolutely right about this tactic working in the rest of the house.


  5. That’s something that I do often to. Now my house is cluttered with boxes! I guess I need to get the “throwing them out” part. I was thinking of doing this last night as I lay in bed. Maybe this post was a sign to get on it already!


  6. Ha Ha! We still have boxes in the basement AND garage from our move…a year ago!! I totally agree – what could be in there that we needed to pack and haven’t used in a year?! I’m thinking spring yard sale =)


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