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Materialistic Mess

My hubby just finished dragging three large bins of cardboard recycling to the end of our driveway for pick-up tomorrow.

It is a good job to have done, and my less cluttered garage thanks him.

But there it is, outside my office window – the waste of Christmas.

And, while I love the gifts I received, and I love the family time we had together, those big bins of cardboard seem like such a waste. 

It just doesn't seem like we really needed all the stuff that cardboard once housed.

It just seems like too much uh, excessiveness.

I'm glad it's getting recycled but we still need to cut back.

And that, going into 2012, is my new year's resolution.

To use less and do more with what we have.

I have no idea what I'm going to do exactly, but I've got an entire year to figure it out. 

Are you making a resolution?

9 thoughts on “Materialistic Mess

  1. I agree with you – seeing the cardboard recycling go out after Christmas makes my heart stop. It’s not that we didn’t have fun, and the kids got things they really love. But the waste, and the *leftover* pile makes you wonder how much stuff actually hangs around. Eep.
    Andrea at the fishbowl ( runs a Shopping Embargo every January (and February too, for the really keen). The idea is to not buy stuff for that month, except essentials. Essentials are things that you’ve thought about…that you’ve determined you can’t wait for, or use something else for, or borrow, or find used…that you’ve thought about mindfully and then made a real decision to purchase. It involves not mindlessly going to the mall, or looking at fliers, or even watching commercials if you can help it.
    I fail every year. But it’s a good idea!


  2. Sadly, for me, the cardboard that my neighbors put out (a day early…during a windstorm…next to my lawn….) is what makes me sad.
    As to my blog post, the Comedy Llama and D.A.L.A. (Defense Against the Language Arts teacher) are pseudonyms I previously adopted for some friends. I went back into the post and linked where I did that in the first place.


  3. i agree with you and really you don’t need to have it all figured out just starting with a goal to get it under control is a GREAT first step.
    i was thinking the same about excess as we took out 7 bags of wrapping paper and boxes, it’s just too much.
    thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. i always reply to comments via email but i also do my best to visit people who comment at their blogs and leave a little love too…such a great way to meet new blog friends.
    happy new year!!


  4. I agree! It always seems like such a waste after Christmas. And it’s always a good reminder to do more with what we have and use less. {Stopping by from Mamarazzi’s blog!}


  5. Oh I love the recycling thing and am looking into it this year. I tried many years ago and because it was so hard to do in our area it just built up and The Hubby was not happy so of course he is not on board with it. But, I plan on changing his mind this year! Hey, I need to add that to my resolutions! Thanks.


  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my corner of the web and leaving a comment. I appreciate the encouragement for NaBloPoMo.
    I’m glad more people are seriously recycling. Somehow we need to get the message to businesses that all the packaging is unneccessary.
    We don’t buy much during the holidays for the kids in our family. We contribute to their college funds instead!


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