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It’s done…

Christmas is finished.

The presents are all unwrapped and all the family commitments are done.


Now comes all the exchanges, pack-ups and recycling chores.

And with all this cleaning up also comes a week and a half of the kids being home from school.

And, you know what that means?

Soon they are going to start telling me they're bored.

Yep, and once they start complaining about being bored they will start bickering with each other and then they will all be coming to me to negotiate their fights.

And once they get tired of picking on each other then they will start to demand that I dream up ways to keep them entertained.

You know, the holidays aren't what they used to be. Do you remember the before-kid-days of holiday bliss made up of lying in bed late, reading newspapers with coffee and then putting together leisurely lunches before an afternoon nap?


Well honestly, I don't really remember them either. But doesn't it sound lovely? 

How many days until school starts again?

3 thoughts on “It’s done…

  1. Ah, the craziness of the holiday season followed by its aftermath. It seems somewhat effective here to meet, “I’m bored…” with chores until the lovies figure out ways to entertain themselves.


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