Christmas · Family · Me

Tired. I’m just tired.

I am tired.

Every part of me just wants to be left alone so I can turn into jelly.

Yep, jelly.

I have no desire to do anything.

Breathing right now seems energetic.

Going up the stairs to take a nap seems like too much effort.

I have no idea why.

Well, actually I do.

It's called Christmas.

It's because of the decorating, card writing, wrapping, giving, toasting, visiting, cooking, roasting, baking, shopping, returning, welcoming and uh, the hundred more holiday things I did.

It was all very nice, but it just exhausted me.

Now, I'm tired and I just want to be quiet and left alone to recharge for a bit.

But with all three kids and the hubby off for the next week? That's probably just not going to happen.


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