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Christmas Shopping

I took my youngest daughter out to the local HUGE mall today and we did some Christmas shopping.

It was nice. We talked, we walked, we browsed and then we stood in line to pay for things.

She was so happy to get out to this particular mall that she talked a mile a minute all the way there and then she practically danced through the parking lot in her excitement to get inside.

We got a few things stroked off our lists and we had a nice dinner together too.

But really the best part for me was seeing her so happy.

She was happy to be out and she was happy to be spending time with me.

And at eleven years old, I am probably counting on two fingers the number of years I have left of her being happy to go Christmas shopping with boring old Mom.

But then again, she will still need me to pay for her things for a few years yet so maybe I can drag out this Christmas shopping together thing for at least a couple more years.

Here's hoping….


3 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping

  1. You will definitely be able to drag out the shopping for as long as you are paying for things but she might not want to go Christmas shopping once she realizes you aren’t buying things for her.


  2. Middle Child and Skater Girl (14 and 11) are both still willing to shop with me. So willing that I have to order their goodies online to manage any surprises at all. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the company while it lasts.


  3. I can’t get my kids to go shopping for anything — but they’re boys. Tomorrow I’m DRAGGING them out to get something for their Dad. So smart of me to go on the 23rd of December…. ugh.


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