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What am I doing wrong?

Are you running around getting ready for Christmas?

I am.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why it's so flipin' hard?

I mean really, all I need to do is buy and wrap a few gifts, put up and decorate a tree and put on a family meal.

That doesn't sound too hard, does it? 

So, why does Christmas take soooo much time and energy?

Why is my to-do list a hundred miles long?


Why? Why? Why?


7 thoughts on “What am I doing wrong?

  1. sorry. i enjoy this time of year. the only thing that ever bugs me is my cluttered mind, but all the prep work is fun to me.
    maybe it’s b/c the best time of year i kick it in gear.
    hopefully santa will direct your family to your blog for christmas and they’ll all pitch in….
    that way it won’t be so much for YOU.
    and you can enjoy your family and this time of year a lot easier.
    here’s ho-ho-hoping.
    good luck!


  2. For me, I do my best not to get emotionally involved in the commercial side of the holiday. “They” make you somehow feel you should be doing more, spending more. Make it simple and the list gets shorter. πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays, Leanne. πŸ™‚


  3. Next year I am doing things differently. I can’t stand the running around and last minute shopping. I AM!
    (Could you email me this comment in July, when I should be getting a jump on 2012’s shopping? Thanks.)


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