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Let’s rethink this. Okay?

In 1928 all kids wanted for Christmas was a Duncan Yo-yo.

In 1983, Cabbage Patch Kid dolls caused a stampede at my local department store.

In 1996, everyone was rushing around looking for a Tickle Me Elmo and in 2007, everyone was gifting the iPod Touch.

This year? This year my youngest asked for a Fijit Friend for Christmas.

Green FijitA green one.

And yeah, I've been driving all over trying to locate one. 

And yes, I've stood in line at Toys R Us to get a rain check for one on a Friday night at 11 pm.

And yes, I've even considered driving for an hour to do some cross border shopping to get one.

I'm doing this because she didn't really ask for much else this year.

And I'm doing this because they're not really that expensive so, at first, it didn't seem like that big a deal.

And I'm doing this because she asked SANTA for one.

And honestly?

I'm doing this because I'm slightly crazy.


2 thoughts on “Let’s rethink this. Okay?

  1. At the time, Marilyn was the principal percussionist for the San Antonio Symphony and an auxillary percussionist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. That she was my teacher only briefly owed to my lack of discipline… which, translated, means that I never found time to practice. (Granted, this was because I was already a contributing writer for the campus newspaper, a music director at the campus radio station and a member of every musical ensemble the school had to offer.)


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