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My list for today…

Picked up one daughter from a sleep-over that left her teary and over tired – Check.

Decorated one sliver and blue Christmas tree – Check.

Watched my son and husband play 'keep it up' with the soccer ball in the backyard for thirty seconds – Check.

Got ready and almost out the door to a piano recital – Half a Check.

Helped husband into the van and drove him to the ER after injuring himself playing 'keep it up' - Check.

Spent four hours in the ER – Check.

Missed the piano recital – Check.

Bought a shiny new pair of crutches for hubby – Check.

Comforted one overly sensitive daughter, who was frightened by her Dad's hospital visit and pain – Check.

Heated one frozen pizza for dinner – Check.

Proof read and commented on two high school essays due tomorrow – Check.

House tidied? – No Check.

Laundry done? – No Check.

Dishes done? – No Check.

Christmas crap still spread all over the house? – Check.

Tired? – Double Check.


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