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It’s all going to pot…

This is the time of the year when I usually change the background of this blog to a Christmas theme.

I'm going to leave my blog's fall theme up for a few more days however because I need to clear something up. You see I got a lovely e-mail yesterday from a reader who asked me if I realized I had pot leaves all over my web page.

Yep, someone out there thinks I've got marijuana leaves in my side bars.

Now, since I'm not a real weed expert, I did what any Mom in my situation would do.

I called my teen.

She, and all her friends, came to my rescue and reassured me that I have Japanese Maple leaves on my page and not marijuana leaves. Pot Leaves

I'm very happy to have this cleared up – I don't want to be known as PotMama.

And look, here's a picture comparison too. And now that I've actually seen what a pot leaf looks like, I totally get the confusion.


And no, I don't want to know why my oldest daughter and her friends are so certain about this.

Did I mention that I'm just very happy to have this cleared up?

Yeah? Okay,then.

It's fun to have a blog.

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