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Missing in action….

One of the weirdest things about being a Mom is that things around me always seem to disappear.

Tonight it's my slipper. Yep, I have one slipper and one cold foot.

This is not making me happy.

It happens all the time, things just disappear in my house and no one can tell me where they are.

The cordless phones are never in their holders, the scissors are NEVER in the kitchen drawer and I never have a pen that works when I need to take a message.

I can't even blame any one particular child for not putting stuff away because they will all just deny any knowledge of the missing object having ever existed in the first place. 

I'm told that when my children leave home I will miss them. 

And I can't help but think that while I might miss them I won't miss my things going missing.

Except of course by the time my kids leave the nest I'll probably be so old I'll be loony as a uh, loon.

And then I'll just be left missing my mind.


3 thoughts on “Missing in action….

  1. I couldn’t blame a particular child until today. Middle Child cleaned her room, and many missing items have suddenly reappeared. It’s good to know exactly where the black hole is located.


  2. I get it, I get it, I get it! My favorite is when something goes missing, I’ll ask one kid and they’ll blame it on the other. THEN – they blame it on the baby. Because, you know, 9 month olds steal everything.


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