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I’m losing my marbles….

I have a problem.

Okay, I have several problems, but the one that's bothering me right now is that I keep calling the kids and the animals in my house the wrong names.

I actually keep calling them each other's names. For some reason I can't seem to get the right name attached to the right person or pet.

I know it's only because I'm tired and trying to do too much but, really?

It's getting embarrassing.

For example, just a minute ago, the puppy was whining and I yelled out for her to hush, but I used my daughter's name instead of the puppy's name when I yelled.

My daughter then responded by turning down the volume on the TV which distracted the dog and actually did stop the whining.

Okay, so maybe that one worked out well, but it's still not right.

I'm NOT that old. I should be able to use the names of my family members correctly. I mean I did NAME most of them.


Maybe my mistake was that I didn't give them all the same name. That would've solved the whole problem.

Bob would work, or maybe Charlie. 

I might just be on to something here…

What'd ya think?

6 thoughts on “I’m losing my marbles….

  1. my parents had 13 kids.
    i’ve been called sseeevveral names.
    in fact, mom took to kinda smooshing my name with an older sister’s name… often.
    george forman had i think 5 georges. that’d get kinda old, i think.


  2. My mister used to say we should just name everything and everyone (regardless of gender) Bob. I have solved the dilemma by gesturing and referring to them all as, “…whichever one you are!”


  3. You gotta start calling everyone “honey”. It’s the secret of mom’s everywhere. Or I call them by the noun–“Cat–shut up!” “Kid–clean your room!” See? They get it, you address who needs to be addressed. It works. πŸ™‚


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